To me making Art means planting the seed of the invisible into the soil of reality. The greatest reward is to watch the plant growing before my eyes and taking shape between my fingers.

I coined the neologism “multimedianic” to better define my versatile creative system by using the metaphorical image of the “medium”. During the séances, the latter is the living channel through which the spirits are able to manifest themselves into the human dimension. Thus, they can communicate by sounds or words spoken by the medium or formed on the “ouija” board, or even reveal themselves in material shapes like the so-called “ectoplasm” emitted by his body.

Obviously I don’t mean to give scientific credit to these paranormal phenomena: I just consider them an effective poetic way to describe my own artistic process, whose main precondition is the urge to translate, often simultaneously, an over human language through several human procedures able to preserve its selfless and outlandish quality into their wide range of expressive codes. That’s why, even when my writings, paintings, songs or movies are transpositions of my own mood and sensibility, at the same time they’re the simultaneous aesthetic manifestations of a mysterious stream of visions and feelings residing in our “chromosomic memory” of mammals with large brains.

Whereas filmmaking and writing requires the cooperation of other people and the use of a specific language, painting represents, like music, a more intimate dominion where pursuing the evocation of what I like to define “mysterium interruptum”, “a suspended mystery”, that is something very similar to the experience of the “presque vu”, “almost seen”, when we feel that we’re about to recall a name or a word without being able to tell it. In fact like the more sensual “coitus interruptus”, the pleasure of this impression relies on the anguished awareness of the unspeakable that only the crystallization of momentum rendered by a painting can deliver to the watcher".

Indeed, everything you cannot tell by using words that you have "on the tip of your tongue" is what makes art worth of being admired.



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