AFAN aka Alessandro Fantini is a self-taught artist devoted to the experimentation of medianic beauty through mixing several media methods of expression (video, music, painting, photo, drawing and writing).

Therefore he defines himself a "multimedianic artist".

His creative inclination arose during his early childhood when he began drawing comics and writing tales influenced by gothic authors like Edgar Allan Poe, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Guy de Maupassant and Sheridan le Fanu.

Over the years, his passion about mysteries and gothic atmospheres pushed him to search other ways of self-expression through using  watercolour on board and oil on canvas. Disliking art school teachings, he learned oil painting techniques by himself and started painting his first canvases in 1993.

 His first paintings were influenced by the gloomy and dreamlike art of Dali, Magritte, Ernst and Karel Thole. During the nineties he developed his own visionary style blending the surrealist attitude with hyperrealism and Flemish painting methods. In 2002 he graduated with first class honours in modern literature with a thesis about the relationship between Italian culture and the PreRaphaelism.

At the same time he developed a visionary literary dimension writing  novels based upon a mixture of d'Annunzio's obsession for luscious details and sophistication and the unhearthly realms of Lovecraft, Barker, Hodgson and Philip K.Dick. His first 200 pages supernatural novel titled "The Laurie's hills" was written in 1992 on a school notebook. After the long period of research between Rome and London in order to collect the documents needed for the completion of his university thesis, he continued his artistic research involving mystical themes and haunting compositions inspired by Giger’s art and Rossetti's poetry.

Since 1996 he wrote, directed and produced a long series of movies and music videos, mostly using the natural locations of Abruzzo and the urban environments of Rome, Tokyo, New York and London, composing also their soundtracks and curating the editing, cinematography and special effects. His short movies "Tiranti Transit", "The Road to Shakti", "Nepente" and "The Rain Frames" were broadcasted between 2006 and 2010 on European Sky Channels. References to the style of Lynch, Bunuel, Zulawski, Tarkovsky and Kubrick are noticeable in his videographic approach.
























He wrote and illustrated the book "The Night's Veil" (2006) and the dark-fantasy novel "Endometria"(2007) both published by Liberodiscrivere and presented at the International Turin book fair. Over more than two decades he wrote novels, poems, essays and tales released in paperback volumes and ebook anthologies designed, edited and curated by himself such as "Seahorses under sclerotic" (2009), "Piercing of Autumn" (2014) and "Winter Year" (2012).

After a brief experience as lead singer and song writer in an art-rock group in the late '90, he began composing and producing a plethora of concept albums built around philosophical and surreal themes, employing sound samples, lavish etheral synths and experimental blend of progressive rock, trance, ambient and techno-gothic chill out, the most prominent of which are "In the Mist of Future" (2005), "Coltan" (2012) and "Nyctalopia" (2013).

His self-portrait has been published in 2004 inside the Jean Michel Jarre's "Aero" album booklet. His artworks have been shown in several group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in Pescara, Turin, at the London Brick Lane Gallery, Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome and Flower Pepper Gallery in Old Pasadena, California.

In 2005 he personally gave a portrait of Stanley Kubrick to his widow, the painter Christiane Kubrick. In 2008 the painting “Spiracula” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the seminal Jarre’s album “Oxygene” has been used as the cover art of a Russian Greatest hits digipack.

In 2010 he directed the feature sci-fi thriller movie "EDOnism" filmed in Tokyo and produced by Lorenzo Fantini.

In 2011 he directed the thriller "Epithell" and the animated music video of Lorenzo Tucci's song "Hope". He conceived and directed a metaphysical web serial titled "Iconosphere" and the ongoing video web-zine "AFANzine - The Art recounted by Alessandro Fantini" dedicated to the artists and artworks which influenced his own art.

Between 2013 and 2014 he directed “Bryant’s ode” a video-poetic documentary filmed in New York and the mystery movie “New York, a venture” set in Manhattan.


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I like to go through the writings and stories which are not just motivating but also full of inspiration. And I never get disappointed from your writings because they do the same. It is always a good and...

I like to go through the writings and stories which are not just motivating but also full of inspiration. And I never get disappointed from your writings because they do the same. It is always a good and productive decision for me going through your work. Keep it up.

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