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ANTALGICA - the new AFAN's concept album

Alessandro Fantini - ANTALGICA

Between mind and body the pain is the invisible organ pumping blood into soul.

Due to very gloomy circumstances occurred in my recent life, after the release of my latest concept album “Son of chasm” I started to work on several ideas linked to the theme of pain and suffering. Not just the notion of physical pain, but the metaphysical experience of sorrow and how humans deal with it over their lifetime: the pain of birth, of growing up, of loss, of separation,  of public judgement, of death. Hence, I decided to follow a more abstract creative route, without hinting at a narrative structure but trying to establish a pure emotive soundscape. My early plan was to develop through different styles the moods evoked by the first two instrumental tracks composed during winter, “Wealthy doom” and “Antalgica”.

Yet, as soon as I've completed the first instrumental draft of the song "Blazing frost" in December, I've started hearing a disembodied female voice flying over the icy vastness evoked by the piano notes. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by my childhood memories of the Finnish tundra depicted in some folk tales books I used to contemplate for hours in my bedroom, specially those illustrated by Rien Poortvliet, Brian Froud and Alan Lee. At the same time I recalled the ethereal unplugged songs performed by Anna Vihonen, a young talented Finnish singer I've discovered on the web a couple of years ago when she started following me on my Fandalism page. When she enthusiastically replied to my invite to contribute her vocals to this track by saying she was looking forward to experiment with electronic music since a long time, I realized that actually this song came out from the depths of a poetic ecosystem inhabited by both of us, so distant in space but so close in spirit.

So I came up with some lyrics describing the growth of a little girl from her kindergarten years to womanhood and I proposed her to sing in a series of songs where she had to play the character of this girl as a spirit of uncontaminated nature in her embryonic state, before facing the fear and distress of dealing with her peers and adult people, then with the pain of physical metamorphosis of adolescence and, eventually, the loss of her identity in the cauldron of social networks.


Despite the main concept may sound sombre and even pessimistic, the album is meant to be experienced as a spiritual healing therapy, a cathartic fresco made of sounds, pictures and words, because if music and art won’t ever cure any disease or treat human agony, it can be for sure a better medicine for the soul with no side effects or harmful ones. An Antalgic device helping to cope with the gap we have to cross between the two defining mysteries of our life.


1.Wealthy Doom (overture) 04:56

2.Antalgica 06:16

3. Blazing frost 05:39

4.Gartenmares 04:57

5.Mitosis 04:48

6.The Great Burden 05:20

7.Aponia, first movement 05:05

8.Aponia, second movement 08:14

9.Leaving Aphinar 04:36

Composed, performed, recorded and produced by Alessandro Fantini.

Lyrics, vocals and effects by Alessandro Fantini.

Vocals on "Blazing Frost", "Gartenmares", "Mitosis" and "Aponia (movement II)" by ARIANA aka Anna Vihonen.




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"New York, a venture" on line

It's time to celebrate since finally, after 20 months since the end of its post-production, the movie is available to watch on the new Indiehome TV.
All you have to do is register and enjoy the journey into a Manhattan you've never experienced before.
Colors are flaming memories

A random incident that makes Adam lose every natural and artificial connections to the surrounding world, will be nothing but the first stage of a self-discovery through the darkness of memory. Only the verses of Amy, the enigmatic poetess of Central Park, will eventually enlighten the path of his quest with the Flames of a Vision that once split two lives, and now is about to reunite them in the cleansing whiteness of a stocking cap.

Directed, written and edited by Alessandro Fantini
Cinematography and special effects by Alessandro Fantini
Music by Alessandro Fantini

Adam Clairfield: Craig Williams
Amy Bolnes: Kyrie Elieson
The lady of Central Park: Karen Goldfarb
The lunatic of Central Park: Henrik Kim Rehr
The first runner: Vincenzo Fantasia
The second runner: Said Raissi
Kevin Alcott: AFan Alessandro Fantini

Camera assistant at the Central Park Zoo: Lincoln Athas
Dialogue consultant: Craig Williams

Filmed in New Jersey and New York City from June to July 2014

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Son of chasm - the new concept album

Son of chasm - the new concept album
The multimedia (or better to say "multimedianic") artist AFAN Alessandro Fantini presents his new concept album "Son of chasm" revolving around the journey of the fictitious William Cureleak, an ascetic who decides to leave his monastery after a sweet epiphany occurred before a fatal resolution. The album has been conceived as a "neo-wagnerian" exp...
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The 42 st trailer

The 42 st trailer

The 42 st trailer

The 42nd street is probably the most iconic and cinematic crosstown street of Manhattan. The path traveled by foot by Adam Clairfield (a.k.a. Craig Williams) from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Bryant Park is both a drift of senses and a spiritual trip across the layered dimensions of the city, where the shimmering fanciness of theatres and shops merges with the swarming medley of tourists and newyorkers following the dreamy or nightmarish intersections of their urban lives.

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The Corion Parade

The Corion Parade

 The Corion Parade
(Entering the Corion city)

Music, lyrics, vocals and effects by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.
From the upcoming AFAN's concept album still in progress.
Photo by Alessandro Fantini.
All right reserved.

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