Alessandro Fantini's New York, a venture O.S.T.

Alessandro Fantini's New York, a venture O.S.T.

"At the beginning of every project there's always a vision, a sound or a vibe. Sometimes they come up simultaneously. Sometimes they're the extension of each other. Sometimes the vibe can generate a vision developing itself in sonic movements. In the latter case I got the confirmation that's the starting point of a new movie. While I was composing this soundtrack three months before beginning the principal photography in New York City, I was actually figuring out the emotional tones and visual pace of the scenes rendered in the script and in the storyboard according to that inner symphony. Some of the tracks were already well defined before the editing, such as the main theme and the intro conceived to support the slow, ceremonial passage between New Jersey and New York through the Lincoln Tunnel. Only the music used to punctuate the emotive flow of the main dialogue near the Conservatory Lake in Central park has been composed in post-production. The recurrent use of sounds of bells, cymbals, xylophones and metallic percussions derived by the preminent narrative and spiritual roles played by the Delacorte Musical Clock and the Saint John the Divine Cathedral, sort of techno-gothic heralds of that New York memory breathing into the steampunk-like coalescence of new and ancient architectures. A mnemonic puzzle that's the ground and the catalyst where the lost memories of the protagonists will merge like colors and instruments of a wider musical canvas."

Composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by Alessandro Fantini.


New York, a venture Oā€‹.ā€‹Sā€‹.ā€‹T.

by AFAN Alessandro Fantini

The Soundtrack is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play :
1. Lincoln Tunnel 03:22
2. Heading to the North Gate 07:23
3. Delacorte's wifi 04:56
4. Central darkness 03:06
5. Conservatory Lake 03:44
6. In the whirlwind of Time 04:22
7. Flaming organ 02:29
8. The Unfinished 08:32
9. They were playing the same music 03:06
10. Main theme 04:57
11. Main theme reprise and resolution 07:16
The Corion Parade
Alessandro Fantini's New York, a venture


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Wednesday, 19 December 2018
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